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Research and Education


At Came To Believe Recovery Inc. our research and education initiatives take on many forms with the end goal being a greater awareness of sustainable recovery solutions within a global recovery community. We believe that both research and education need to begin with the idea of discovering where people and culture are in their ever changing journey. With this in mind we have developed an ongoing survey that will help us unpack the presuppositions that currently exist surrounding recovery so that we can contribute to more relevant solutions.


At Came To Believe Recovery Inc., we believe that spiritual enrichment and growth in recovery are an ongoing journey. We are committed to providing cutting edge workshops and education opportunities that allow people to continue the work that was begun at a retreat or as part of one of our One Day Step experiences.

Upcoming Events

Fri 22

72nd Amery Spiritual Program Retreat

February 22 - February 24
Amery, Wisconsin
738 Hickory Point Lane
Amery WI 54001
United States
Mar 01

Southeast Wisconsin “Came to Believe” Retreat

March 1 - March 3
Salvation Army Wonderland Camp
9241 Camp Lake Rd
Camp Lake WI 53109

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10 Winding Way Morris Plains NJ
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Retreat Information

For Retreat Information please phone or e-mail the pertinent retreat leader.