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What We Do

What We do

Came to Believe Recovery Inc. is a value added organization that is dedicated to supporting the local recovery movement.

Our goal is to bring both traditional and non-traditional recovery partners to a global conversation of hope around proven recovery solutions by partnering with a network of local, independently run recovery retreats as well as treatment centers, churches and community organizations that are working to address the growing addiction epidemic worldwide.

We have developed research and education initiatives that support the local recovery movement staying grounded in context while keeping invitation extremely high. Our outreach initiatives are centered on growing awareness and inviting the non-traditional partner to the recovery conversation.


The three day retreat is designed to expose the drug addict, alcoholic and their families to the principles that made the 12 steps so successful and give them the opportunity to “take the steps” as the founders did. The three day retreat is a community building means of outreach for CTBR.

One Day Step Experiences

The ODSE is the best of the retreats in one day. In these local workshops the people are able to “take the steps” as the founders did in one day while being exposed to the history and legacy that has made CTBR so successful for the last 50 years.The ODSE is designed specifically to be implemented in places where there is a strong community of support already in existence.


CTBR engages many diverse forms of outreach, always through the lens of engaging tangible brokenness in sustainable ways. Our Ride for Recovery has been a far reaching way that we have sought to grow a global conversation of hope over the last two years, as is our new church recovery program being launched during National Recovery month (September).

Research and Education

CTBR holds true to the idea that doing what we have always done and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. As such, we are committed to pursuing the development of new methodologies to reach the global addiction epidemic. Our research is done in local contexts with key partners, allowing for the ongoing development of recovery based communities worldwide.

Church Programs

Who is seeking to meet the church where they are and equip them to more effectively be a key contributor in the addiction and alcoholism need? CTBR believes that the Christian church is uniquely positioned to be a leader in combating tangible brokenness. Our programs are designed to help the local church uncover the most effective way to engage an ever expanding need within their local context.


CTBR Consulting is based on years of experience with both missions to the addict and alcoholic and behavioral consulting work done across the globe. We have a vast network of strategic partners that we rely on to help us provide our clients, the local church or recovery organization, with the tools necessary to increase their impact, foster sustainable recovery and restoration and transform their bottom line.