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Came to Believe Recovery is not a 24 hour helpline. If you are in a life-endangering emergency, please call your local authorities by dialing 911. If you or a loved one are at risk of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.

Struggling? Lost? Giving up Hope?

You don’t have to be alone

At Came to Believe Recovery programs, addicts, alcoholics and their families “take the steps” as the founders described and experienced.  People learn the historical truth about AA’s original success, discover the power of the spiritual awakening, engage with the spiritual principles, and experience the Steps in a profound way

You can be RECOVERED and living a happy, joyous life. Here you will find programs and principles behind overcoming hopeless states of mind and body.  Came to Believe Recovery understands the tensions and challenges of addiction and brokenness and invite you to join us on the happy path to recovery.

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We are committed to spiritual growth and healing in order to be ready for the personal relationships we will build together. We got sick together and we can certainly get well together. Our successful future will include families and friends.

Recovery Retreats are for everyone. We encourage addicts, friends and members of the family to attend together.  We treasure the memory of Dr, Bob, Bill Wilson and Anne Smith sitting at the Smith’s kitchen table each morning for months as they studied and prayed together. That was before the Big Book was written.  We invite everyone to the work of recovery. A robust support network for each member of the family greatly enhances success rates.

Family Support
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Serve as a key faith partner in the fight against the global addiction epidemic! Together we can bridge the spiritual gap and invite addicts to a place where they can establish freedom and begin their relationship with God. Came to Believe Recovery and local churches have added opportunities to reach the least, last and lost.

Can we help you serve as a light in the darkness for those suffering from addiction within your congregation? Can we help struggling addicts understand spiritual truths and engage in a faith community as never before? Addicts and those suffering from the effects of addiction typically lack spiritual awareness and may have had negative experiences with religious doctrine.  Can we help?

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Struggling with addiction and in need of support? Click to contact us and learn how we can help.


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Struggling with addiction and in need of support? Click to contact us and learn how we can help.