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Support for Families

Came to Believe Recovery (CTBR) is for everyone. We encourage all who want to recover, addicts, friends and members of the family, to attend events together. We are all “12 Steppers.” We all want to remove any underlying obstacles to our success – any blocks to our experiencing serenity, peace, and joy. We were born in relationships, we live in relationships, and a large part of our recovery depends on healthy relationships. We got sick together and we CAN get well together.

The CTBR retreats kick-start the 12-Step process for all of us – no matter what the particular position we occupy on the recovery path. The Steps are the path to relief from the stress, loneliness and emotional pain of our past lives.

Family and friends take the same Steps of AA.  Friends and family are powerless over the alcoholic, of course. We are also powerless over whatever we’re currently using to manage our lives: control, anger, work, manipulation, avoidance, etc. In Steps 4, 5 and 6, we begin to recognize and name the underlying causes of our various “shortcomings” and “defects of character” (we name the EXACT NATURE and ORIGINS of our stress and pain).  We change our focus from our symptoms to the causes. Whatever substances and strategies we tried, we all sought to find relief and comfort. Whatever our addictions – our defects were based on ways to cope with our pain. We all, sadly, discovered that it’s hard to get enough of something that only ALMOST works.

We all need and want to heal and grow.  We used different substances (drugs and alcohol) and strategies (control and denial), but our goal was the same: to feel better – to find relief – to give and receive love.  Things have gone wrong in the past and we seek a power greater than ourselves. That power is God.

We are committed to spiritual growth and healing. We are ready for a relationship with God.  

Come to a Came to Believe retreat for spiritual awakening and refresh your connections to God, then to your family and to a loving recovery community. Expect a life-changing experience.

First things first:  Do the 12-Steps, experience a spiritual awakening or renewal, and practice these things in all your affairs.  Let’s get well together.

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