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Weekly Meetings

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Weekly Meetings

Came to Believe Recovery weekly meetings are held for the promotion of fellowship and support amongst alcoholics, addicts and family members. Meetings espouse the same principles of recovery taught by the founders of the 12 Steps of Recovery and at our retreats.

Once an individual has completed the steps and had a spiritual experience, they begin to live by the living steps of 10, 11, 12. We call this “Living in the Go”.

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What to Expect

Weekly Meeting Schedule

Serenity Prayer

Each meeting is started by reciting the serenity prayer, and the reading of “How it Works” from the Big Book.


Introductions are made along with an opportunity for anyone to share something of immediate progress. This can be sudden needs, joys, or how a situation was overcome.

Taking the Steps

One of the 12 Steps of Recovery is taught using the legacy guide and other supporting material. This usually takes 10-15 minutes.

'Cross Talk'

The remainder of the meeting is spent sharing on the step and how it worked for those who have been to retreat or have taken the steps. Always in a positive environment, we allow for what is called “cross talk” to provide encouragement in fellowship and community building. As attendees become more comfortable and transparent, the opportunity for change improve as we provide a safe place for sharing.

Closing Prayer

Each meeting ends on a high note, highlighting the fact that the program works, the promises are real, and everyone can be recovered. Meetings are closed with a prayer.

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The meeting is open to all and not exclusive to those who have been to a retreat. The meeting is a place where struggling addicts come to hear how we experience successful lives in terms of freedom from addiction. When a newcomer is in attendance we will revert to Step One no matter what step we are on as a group.  Without being overbearing, the meeting focus is on the newcomers, making them welcome and sharing how we were all once in the same place.