Discover a new way of living in an environment that welcomes both you and your family.

Gain the support you and your family need to overcome addiction in a welcoming environment. Discover how thousands of people have “Recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.” Each Came to Believe Recovery event aims to connect you with the source of faith and recovery.

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Weekly Meetings

Meetings are designed to support the journey to a new life for recovered addicts. Open to newcomers as well as post retreat attendees, these meetings are a source of sponsorship for beginners, and fellowship for all. 

CTBR Retreat stewards work together to grow a global conversation of hope around the proven recovery solutions that worked for us. With a powerful RECOVERY COMMUNITY, we welcome both both addicted AND loved ones. All Came to Believe Recovery Outreach efforts seek to grow a conversation of hope and build a full community of success.

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Recovery Retreats

At weekend spiritual retreats, addicts, alcoholics and their families “take the steps” as the founders described and experienced.  People learn the historical truth about AA’s original success, discover the power of the spiritual awakening, engage with the spiritual principles, and experience the Steps in a profound way. 

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CTBR has produced workbooks and other printed resources to help spread the message and support those who sponsor others. We also seek to make vital connections to other resources of relevance to the spiritual nature of our program.

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