Came to Believe Recovery


Restoration Church


 Experience freedom through Came to Believe Recovery

Came to Believe Recovery is an addiction recovery program rooted in the Spiritual Awakening that was experienced by the founders of AA.

We have proven time and time again that you can be free from your addiction, pain, and limitations in only 3 days.

We have created this weekend’s program especially for the Restoration Church community.  We hope to create a CTBR community that will be able to run their own weekly meetings, and become local leaders.  The first two days we will be presenting the 12 steps as the founders intended: quickly, thoroughly and honestly so that you can begin your journey of freedom in as little time as possible. Sunday will be a half day of workshops to develop each individual to participate in future CTBR meetings and retreats as potential leaders. We will provide information on how to listen to 5th steps, how to lead a meeting, and how to teach the steps at future retreats or one on one.



June 24th-26th

Registration includes

Hard copy of the Legacy Guide Workbook, 3 days of programming. 4 Meals throughout the weekend.


$50 USD

Organizer: Casarah Morales

Retreat Schedule

Friday Starts at 5 PM


5:00 pm: Check In
6:00 Welcome
6:15 Steps 1 & 2
9:00 Close

Saturday Starts at 8 AM


8:00 AM: Breakfast
9:00 AM: Steps 3, 4 & 5
12:00 PM: Lunch and complete step 5 with leader
2:00 PM: Steps 6-9
5:00 PM Dinner
6:00 pm: Steps 10-12
8:00 pm: Close



10:00 am: Church Service at Restoration (optional)

1:00 Lunch and workshops

Retreat Testimonials

Freedom from an Eating Disorder

Freedom from Alcohol Addiction

Freedom to Experience True Sobriety


Tom is committed to the CTBR mission to #ENDADDICTION throughout the world and to help all the broken learn how to become free and Live in The Go. He makes it a priority to work with alcoholics one on one whenever possible.

Tom Williams is the CEO of Came to Believe Recovery since 2018. Attending well over 100 retreats made Tom uniquely qualified to lead the movement. While Came to Believe Retreats have been around for decades, this coalition of leaders was essentially a startup, requiring universal branding, training, and materials for all events. Tom is a veteran of the US Army and spent 15 years as a fitness professional. Once RECOVERED, Tom earned an undergraduate degree in business followed by an MBA — graduating with high honors. Tom worked as a recruiter for Centenary University and advanced to become the Director of Business Development. Tom has a passion for running and weight training and his favorite hobby is playing guitar.

Casarah joined Came to Believe Recovery in 2021. She has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Political Science from Muhlenberg College and has a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology from George Washington University. Casarah previously worked for Morris County Prevention is Key-C.A.R.E.S as the peer services coordinator. At C.A.R.E.S, Casarah ran recovery meetings, did outreach to high risk populations/homeless populations, handed out Narcan while teaching the individuals how to use it, and supported all individuals that entered the recovery center. She has taken training such as Peer Recovery Specialist Training, Mental Health First Aid, and Trans/Queer/LGBTQ+ Cultural Competence. Casarah entered this field because she wanted to be a part of creating a continuum of care for those with substance use disorders and others struggling that is based on compassion and unconditional support.