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Support for Addicts

In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous chapter entitled The Doctor’s Opinion, alcoholics are described as seeming to have an allergy that at once triggers an extraordinary “phenomenon of craving” when alcohol is ingested. This phenomenon of craving causes willpower to disappear and thwarts all attempts to exhibit any level of responsibility in drinking. Alcoholics, almost to a person, succumb to or are subject to, strange mental twists that at times baffle even the most learned. These mental twists that lead to the taking of the first drink, trigger the above-mentioned phenomena of craving and are the peculiar characteristics of those born with the seeming allergy. This is in large part what separates the alcoholic from the heavy or casual drinker.  

Since the writing of the A.A. big book, it has been widely accepted that addiction from this “allergy” is not exclusive to alcohol, but extends to many other substances and behaviors that trigger the phenomenon of craving.

If this applies to you and you are at a crossroads, be encouraged. If you’ve attempted to control yourself and are unable to stop whatever it is that holds you in bondage, you may feel destined to a path of ruin. The solution to your problem is at hand.

The psychic change required to overcome addiction and brokenness is closer than you think. The forward to all editions of the A.A. Big Book states. “We are more than one hundred men and women who have RECOVERED from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.” Today we at Came to Believe Recovery say that we are thousands of men and women who have come to recognize the mental twists and replace them with a program. We, too, have RECOVERED.

We are also hundreds of men and women who volunteer their skills and experience to organize retreats and meetings. We share successes and focus on the original process of going through the 12 Steps in a profound way and manner in which we were taught and experienced them.

Overcoming the spiritual malady that pervades our character and fuels the mental twists is essential if you wish to recover, as we have. The program of action outlined in the 12 Steps – if followed thoroughly and painstakingly – WILL RESULT IN THE OVERCOMING OF THE SPIRITUAL MALADY which will lead to freedom…

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